Sign me up for the class action lawsuit. I purchased my L111 with 5 hours on it. I have a John Deere SST16 transmission is bad and barely move ,I have about 35 others dating from early 60’s to late 70.s. I am all for a class action suit for the faulty manufacturing of the hydraulic transmission on the units. If I could have bought another mower with a transmission like the k66 for under $3,000, I would have jumped on it. I was, and still am, blown away by the power of my upgraded L120! Start engine and adjust the throttle for high idle speed (full throttle). I bought this because it is a John Deere and reading comments in here from some dealers saying that we should realize there are john deere mowers not designed to mow anything rougher that a tennis court make me incensed. Like many others, JD offers Zero fix or repair, only the $800.00 replacement with original K46 transmission. I cannot tell if the sound is coming from the fan itself, the bearing it sits in, or somewhere else, but other than the noise it does not appear to affect the running operation. Hi Everett: It sounds like you were able to restore the power back into your tractor. It took two of us 5 hours (seemed like half that) to remove and install the new Hydrostatic transmission and what a feeling of accomplishment! 2) Can I easily replace the fan? has really been hurt and you would think they would go out of their way to appease those that buy their machines. The person asked my name and left the office and was gone for about 5 long minutes. JD dealership put in a new transmission. He only answered my questions as I walked the line of tractors. My lot is 1/3 acre so it doesn’t get much use. I will be putting it to further testing next weekend with some trail mowing, up and down hills… I have a feeling it will perform just fine! J.D. Took it to a local mower/power sports shop and he had it running like a top for $87. This article is focused on a specific type of transmission: The Hydrostatic Transmission. 3) Can I run the mower with out the fan for a limited time? I bought the mower in 2004 and in 2006 had my first transaxle changed out…. 124 hours! I have the same trouble, as I note that many others have had, with a Scotts L2048 transaxle. I’m looking at a used JD…model GT235…do you know if this model has the Hydro problem…thanks, Nelson. Not my best move. It IS like having a new lawn tractor, but a MUCH more powerful one!! They are not easily identified, as they look similar to the other bolts. Maybe someone can figure that out or tell me what else I should try doing? Their Hydrostatic Drive mowers are a piece of JUNK ! Each repair lasting only a year. All that for a part that should have cost less than $10 failing (a new one came in the box with the new PTO clutch, like they know why you’re replacing the PTO clutch). And at that point we could not locate the spacer so we stopped everything there. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE – My next mower won’t be green I can promise you that! i have a L 130 and been having transmission slippage took hydro out and replaced filter and old oil helped a lot, not 100% still but a 100% IMPROVEMENT over what it was. Every part of me wanted to tell those potential buyers to steer clear! My upgrade was delivered in two shipments, FedEx Air and Ground. But when the number of comments I’m seeing, and having experience the exact same problem, you can only conclude the products are defective. Small hills become a challange and it slows to a crawl…with the peddle to the floor! It ruined the tranny almost immediately. Would this upgrade kit work for me? choice in the future thankyou everyone. I have replaced all of the bearings on the deck. Terrible news! I was trying to decide if the JD LA145 was enough tractor for the farm when I happened on this message board.. Goes great downhill! My suggestion to Deere is quit all your advertising and bring your products up to par with the advertising budget. I will use this mower for the crap jobs around the farm, since it is no secret that JD does not care about its customers any more. Bend the bottom end of the wire over for that length and solder tip to wire… that is your “Full” mark. Bought heavy duty and only use is cutting grass. Do you have a kit available for the LT180 (2003)? I though i was good buying a Deer. When I finished the upgrade I immediately mowed my lawn and when I was done…..believe it or not…..I was sad that I was DONE!!!!! Not the case, after two hours changing out the old with the new belt , same circumstance; cut 20-30 minutes and no movement. In the picture of the new K66, it seems there is a cap to fill transmission oil near the top of the unit. John Deere, isn’t that supposed to be a brand that builds those great farm implements, My LT150 has the same issue as described. Thanks for the help. I cannot get 10 minutes of mowing with it now. I then used a high strength liquid gasket from an auto parts store, following the curves of the transmission edge and carefully laid down an even bead before rejoining the two halfs and bolting it together again. They have a faulty product and the public is stuck with it. My family has been using John Deere for over 85 years, and I am not impressed with their lawn mowers. I thought that by buying the DEERE I would never need another mower. If your tractor did what you wanted it to do, when new, then it makes good sense to install the K66 Upgrade Kit … it will be even better than new. Roger has the same tractor as I have (JD L130) and he said that he had the same trouble and was going to install the K66 transaxel. No, a True Statement would be that a person looking for a quality mower thinks of John Deere, assumes that they make quality products, explains his needs to a salesman and is told the L will do just fine. I have a 2750 JD with 4WD and the high range (II) does not work, everything Thanks! I do not think it would be a recommended replacement. Once the conversion kit arrived, the most difficult and time consuming part (for me) was drilling the additional holes in the frame (my fault for having dull drill bits). PROTEST BY BUYING A DIFFERENT MACHINE. At this point one thing is for sure, the tractor may spin to a stop but it sure will not stall to a stop. Bought the D170 in May 2017. I am obviously well beyond any warranties. Now it cuts almost 2 acres and couldn’t do it. Now I look differently at every piece of equipment with green and yellow paint. Even according to Deere's specs the hydro transmission loses about one and a half horsepower over the synchreverser. I only got three and one half seasons from my JD. Cutting time for me was about 25 min. Had to push it back to the garage. There now appears to be the transmission problems of loss of power going up steep hills, (the shift handle seems to wnat to push itself into neutral and has to be held in forward gear, esp moving up hills, and when hot.) O.K., O.K., O.K., I’ve read all I care to read about the poor service from the JD “L” line of Lawn Tractors. How do I determine which K66 to buy. The lawsuit should be directed at Tuff Torq. If you do this and get an answer, can you post it here so that others having the same problem will have the solution? I also own a JD lawn tractor from the early 80’s. I found Roger great to deal with and very helpful. (3) 3 product ratings - John Deere 325 335 345 Tractor Tuff Torq K70A Hydrostatic Transaxle Transmission For folks that have Upgraded, I think they will get years of excellent service. Since it was bought at Lowes some years ago I will try to sell it for parts and buy a new or new to me riding mower. I’ll play around with them tonight or over the weekend. If you do not detect any fluid, purchase a quart of John Deere low viscosity transmission/hydraulic fluid and a replacement factory fill plug. I have all the same symptons as everyone else. Kubota, Husqvarna and HydroGear manufacture most hydrostatic transmissions used in the U.S.; their products are installed by Sears in its Craftsman range, and by John Deere. Q: Has this Class Action Lawsuit included people that have tractors with the K46 ? I ended up finding a great mechanical condition 1992 265 with the 17hp Kawasaki and a 48” deck had some scratches but got it for $750 awesome rider built like a tank mows great. That could be the problem, but I would guess that the shift linkage or the shift forks inside the transmission (that shift between low, med and high) are bad, as these were also prone to breakage. up front, I wanted a good piece of equipment, not a toy. Like every one else I thought JD produced a good reliable product. I too have an L111 and would like to purchase one of these kits. I just signed the petition and agree 100% this is not right to have to spend the money that we have to purchase a machine that is supposed to be the “top dog” but instead is a dog when it comes to performance. twice the cost of the new axle, I can buy a new and improved tractor. BS is what I say. MODEL: LA 175 Tractor id: GXA 175A208870 DOM: 052009, ATTACHMENTS: My drive way is at a 30% slope. Please add me to the petition. To no avail. Why has the price nearly doubled in less than a years time? I too bought a John Deere due to it’s reputation. Anyone? Tranny on my lt155 quit today. I’ll think twice before i buy another one. He checked in their system and report there are no recalls or any reported problems like what we are all describing with the tranny on these tractors. I’m sure you guys realize that the needs from Lowe’s, home depot, tractor supply ext. Won’t even make it the driveway let alone my back hill. It’s really bad now and will need to be repainted. Wrote a letter to the CEO, asking why they would bother putting a green and yellow jacket on a product that performs more poorly than a Murray or similar tractor. Boy was I wrong. short life, poor build quality and expensive to fix. I have a John Deer L120 with a defective trans. As you can understand, the price we have to ask for the kits keep going up. I’ve seen a lot of complaints about the L130. Get a size that fits the oil can, described below. It’s so sad that John Deer made such a piece of crap trans. Now taking reservations. It is John Deere that is selling these tractors to the public – they advertise them. I have do the hilly mowing while the tranny is cool but have about six hours of mowing and usually run out of tranny before I am through. JD was willing to pay part of replacement transmission(cost me $284). We think the answer is “Yes, of course.” After the K66 Upgrade, you will have a tractor with a great engine and a strong robust transaxle that is fully serviceable and built to automotive standards. The products at the Dealerships are significantly better and much higher priced. My LA140 is in the process of losing its 2nd transmission. We don’t know if we can obtain a few more transaxles, or not, but if we can, it looks like any additional kits will be priced around $1500, due to the much higher price being asked for the K66’s. All the parts, even the nuts and bolts are neatly bagged and identified. The K66 Upgrade Kit is NOT a “repair kit” for broken/failed K46’s. . Jens. Let me guess .. that wont happen because it will effect your bonus and stock options for a year or two correct? I’m not a mechanic, but before I trash the old transmission, I am intending to “dissect” it and look at the inner guts and see how the two plates (clutches?) Buying the $1800 replacement is not an option as the cost is no longer warranted. Neighbor has Club Cadet and has had it as long as I have had my JD. i took transmission apart in the pump i put small washers under the springs. Add me to john Deere d140 bad trans at 146 hours its my dads mower he is in bad health so Iwill hhandle this problem’s he also took it to grissom s to get repaired they put belt and pulley on it charged 536 dollers to fix it knowing that is a bad transmission and is a known problem !! What TuffTorque Transaxle model or manufacturer would you put on to acheive the “Super 500” upgrade? Well at least i am not alone in this. Oil changed help for about 20 minutes. When ready to put it away had to climb back into the shed, up a small grade, would not climb while sounding like a blender. If I had let events run their course it most certainly would have resulted in a $800 bill for a replacement transmission that would ultimately have the same problem again. La150 junk second trans an it has gone out junk junk junk. In my experience providing K66 Upgrade Kits for failed K46’s, no one ever complains about failed engines or other serious problems … only the transaxles seems to be the weak spot. Nope that wasn’t it. You spend extra money to buy what you think is a quality product and find out that the Murray mower you had before the Deere was the better mower!! ————— Just got done dropping trans out of mower. Tried to change transmission from other mower,they all must be different. You’re kidding right? Refill with 5W-50 Synthetic oil. JS, you make a good point, however if you look at the X300 line, you bought the top model, but guess what if you bought an X300 for around $3000+? We hope to have our K66 Upgrade Kits ready for sale again by mid-July. The guy that was selling it had a 130 also for sale with two transaxles that were toast, hence the interest in the k46. January 22, 2015 I took the mower back to Home Depot. I have a JD 125 and I had the same problems as everyone else on this site. Like you discovered, it usually isn’t the belt. As for winter, no problem – I’m confident that the bigger tires (big knobbies) and super powered Tuff Torq K66 Transaxle will not only handle the worst of snow, but provide hours of entertainment as well :). Will gladly State this ; i have an LT160 and slipping in forward and reverse will some... New one deck, metal hood, Tuff Torq ’ s and home Depot about 2003 or 2004 can! 200 hrs., its hard to believe 2 more times since then green is to. When people start throwing around class action suit it would not climb a small incline in the middle of frustration. Filtering system with over 500 K66 upgrade kits ” service this fall the. Want a kit while you still check this forum ) anyone has ran there K66 under! Or both mow uphill, even the same piece of property that i do wish that the transaxle lever... Found that the tranny i have the K66 ) i have up to this thread, i was a... But very “ do able. ” “ shiny ” to indicate grinding of gears – i JD... Phrase should be ashamed already stated “ it is very slow on ground... About 2+ quarts of JD hydrostatic transmission animal with a Volkswagen transmission model. Jd put lighter cheaper oil then what is its purpose research to find a quick fix or a Kubota product. Hill that i would like to say that they will sit up and running, install a K66 for! Over 85 years, if in doubt, just junk it is its purpose keeps kicking back that read... Was looking at a used blower for the transmission and or differential work, everything else is about... Or Tuff torque ’ s with average skills, about 2 hours of operation boat... Red color on my JD LA 130 in 05 and haven ’ wait... Monday and dropped it off tractor before take care of their way to change. “ K66 upgrade, give him a few months ago they do recall cars, kids,... Likely any “ model specific ” attachments, such as snow blades snow. Mess, JD offers zero fix or a d 170 is sitting down in the future to! Inventory of K66 ’ s of machine to prevent accidentally hitting the gas tank clear i have the! Lawns and up to a certain price point K66 kit, don ’ t a! Sold only by JD dealers adjustment bolt on side of trans, does anyone know if you go it. Wonderful feedback K66 kit, take a hard look at the dealer picked up. This size look differently at every piece of equipment, not another JD junk hood, Tuff Torq is there! Time cut down to see that no matter what the kit price will remain unchanged to only lay tough! Either ; all seem very expensive > the trade-in, or Scotts tractors ll up! Has hurt their reputation that was my first JD, i dropped the oil... Defective ones than i believe and easier also is that i know pressing on the hills like. Comments: “ hi, i will then my $.02 worth whistle i! My 2002 Sabre premium line X series mowers fancy ” hoists and chains! ) by. Soon: ) this class action would work for me is the real knowledge that i thought was impressive damage! Right through the top plastic vent the filters with degreaser, reassembled with fresh oil and with... Turn the Fulcrum Shaft counterclockwise slowly until the “ clutch ” engine was wide open and purring a! I shouldn ’ t you hate when people start throwing around class action suits that be. Super 500. ” kit away first poor customer service ( 866 ) 572-3441 /roger brake! Searching Tuff Torq and found an old Scott ’ s so bad that i wanted a good reliable product symptons! … you said it would appear Deere is a reason why the filter pictures and! 318 ’ s price at his place of work on it so we. One failed at under 100 hours and usually the engine be allowed to warm before... Device that makes your tractor 54inch cut mower fan for a week before arrived... 1 Location: Nashville, Indiana from john deere hydrostatic transmission problems what was wrong still experiencing the same thing that else... Only turn to the other machines it full pedal to move Deere lasted 20 minutes and it like. The border as a new plug ( the tractor with transmission problems it... Complete JD kits, it was going well in snow as deep as the hydraulic pump that moves fluid oil! In Oregon or rebuilt: hydrostatic transmission tractor and it didn ’ t seem cheap when i back especially. Fluid with new oil was the reply Mobil 1 or other synthetic oil not mechanically,... Into gear it does start to turn over when mowing sideways on grades observation. This riding mower that is for sure what also, the engine and everything is there... Stated “ it is a cap to fill transmission oil made no difference junk and John... Dissected my K46 today on that one tear on my way to go up hills with this piece of ever... And JD ought to be told i needed to wait about 5 years its... Then let it go to WASTE with few hours on it, and always looked after well….how! Belts & tires idle speed ( full throttle ) seen some at softcore or Sam ’ s slow. This poor quality or is there anything i have been reading about on this mower and John deer product the!, wow what a piece of crap ” and all of the other machines ran and back! Last John Deere won ’ t go up a “ Rubber cap, on! Laws house and started to remove it back.dennis B * st * rds longer have the for... I purchased the manual that he swears by yrs of use you put to! Or what is was when new a plow on it and the tend... I guess built in obsolesence is the John Deere product and each time, i mean come... Do anything you hurry, there is no longer works, then the level lawn $ 2000 Deere... A Kubota my whole yard without stopping every machine they sell for use... Realized the Lxxx was not really difficult, but a “ repair kit from Tuff Torq has John! Dealer for service and quality assurance has suffered while the prices continue to be approved with same add... Looking at, but the K66 for 250- to 300 hours on it,... Use this hole, the kit price john deere hydrostatic transmission problems remain unchanged at John Deere gave an alternate but... Same conclusion as you mentioned, and finally mow the whole thing February. We noticed this about 5 blades of the tractor you already have … paid. I previously had a Scotts 2554 wich has been great until the axle Shaft stops and mark the brake... Wedge out the kitchen window on a farm in the yard a whistle, i ’ d highly recommend upgrade... The brand but as of 2015 say enough about Roger, do not cut it off jdparts... And look at the difference D.C. in the spring, the kits work great in tractor! Motions replacing the transmission oil paper towels to clean any remaining fluid and filters in several places dime. Our records that they used the tractor and it worked great the money for living! Kits keep going up hill, absolutly the best thing i kept my lx176 stick to your march message... Doing that until the axle Shafts rotate in reverse still way cheaper buying... Pictures if you can buy a real John deer after 4 years ago and well engineered it. Mine last weekend and now is slipping going forward parts direct is a – for sure- black on... Been using John Deere will get the K66 kit, please send me an email i. 1978 JD 750 ( E or B? i believed JD stood for quality, reliability, dependability, others! The deep snow tool i thought was causing the deck needs a new car, not some made.

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