Francis GL. The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication waiver ( applies to the data made available in this article, unless otherwise stated. J Am Chem Soc. Course. CAS  London WC1R 4HQ. Part Fibre Toxicol. The lower availability of media protein can be considered as a major cause of cells toxicity induced by GF on NIH3T3 fibroblasts since the presence of these nanomaterials into the cells were not proved by TEM images. Due to the greater SSA and the facilitated cellular uptake of the MWCNT we expected significant lower viability on cells exposed to MWCNTs than cells exposed to GFs [48]. 1 μL of the supernatant of each sample was diluted to 1:100, 1:1000 and 1:10,000 with deionized water. Part Fibre Toxicol. 2013;110:16027–32. No significant differences were observed between the two nanomaterials by t test. Results were considered statistically significant at p < 0.05. 2015;35:1940–56. Science. Toxicol Appl Pharmacol. The modulus variations correlated with the generation of ROS and the viability assays demonstrated the weak reliability of the evaluation of cytotoxicity based only on one endpoint with traditional biochemical assays: live/dead. Figure 2 presents the dispersion diagrams of the populations expressing calcein-AM and propidium iodine in the live/dead assays. By using this website, you agree to our How cells can control their size by pumping ions. Article  J Phys Chem C. 2011;115:23323–8. Among the NMs properties, SSA has been widely accepted as the dominant toxicity predictor, since a greater SSA is associated with higher reactivity with cellular structures, in many cases due to a major ROS production [41]. Kinks should be removed from experimental wire before starting experiment. The results demonstrated that MWCNTs and GF induced cytotoxicity in fibroblast at different timescales. MWCNTs and GFs were added separately to 3 mL of DMEM with 10% of BSA (Gibco, Cat 11020021, New Zealand) in two concentrations: 10 and 50 μg/mL of CBNs. Cells were maintained at 37 °C during the AFM experiments using a Petri dish holder and a heater on the MFP-3D scanner X–Y stage (Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, CA, USA). Oberdörster G. Safety assessment for nanotechnology and nanomedicine: concepts of nanotoxicology. Oops they did it again! The cantilever spring constant was calculated using the thermal fluctuations noise method [68]. Risk Anal. Biochem J. In addition, the introduced force/volume technique permit to simultaneously quantify a single cells volume variation at different periods that has provided information of the process of cell death. The Young's Modulus of a material is a fundamental property of every material that cannot be changed. A calibration curve was constructed using dilutions of a stock 1 mg/mL solution of Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA), DMEM and, DMEM + 10% of BSA. Differences between groups, ten cells per each group, were tested for statistical significance via two-way repeated measures ANOVA and Tukey multiple comparison tests using the OriginPro 8.6 software (OriginLab, Northampton, MA, USA) 100 points were measured per cell. Local viscoelastic properties of live cells investigated using dynamic and quasi-static atomic force microscopy methods. 2013;52:4986–97. Next, the cells were fixed using 3.7% formaldehyde for 10 min at room temperature and permeabilized in 0.2% Triton X-100 for 2 min. The length of actin stress fibers measured using Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated-phalloidin marker evidenced significant shortening on cell exposed to both CBNs. Other reports have indicated that the similarity in shape and dimensions of MWCNTs with the actin stress fibers, once in the cell, could emulate the fibers, resulting in reinforcement of the cytoskeleton [31]; this effect could explain the results observed for NIH3T3 fibroblasts exposed to MWCNTs for 2 h. By contrast, a planar shape, such as that of the GFs, results in cellular membrane deformation associated with enhanced protein adsorption, a lower Young’s modulus and higher ROS production compared to those associated with exposure to MWCNTs, despite their lower SSA. These three pathways for cell toxicity altered the cells Young’s modulus in time and NM dependent manner. Risk Anal. Poisson’s Ratio(Published): 0.33 6. Methods. Monitoring the mechanical properties responses at various times allowed understanding the effects of NMs to the filamentous actin cytoskeleton. The cells are exposed to CBN, the presence of these materials in the media induce ROS production, protein adsorption, and F-actin polymerization disruption. Colony forming efficiency and microscopy analysis of multi-wall carbon nanotubes cell interaction. Impurities in CBNs are related with the catalysis of the Fenton reaction, especially iron impurities, which stimulates ROS production in cells, however, the concentrations presented in the GF are not likely to induce severe damage on mammalian cells [44,45,46]. Our aim is to determine the Young’s modulus of elasticity of the material of a given wire using Searle’s apparatus. Strikingly, after cells exposed to carbon-based nanomaterials for only 2 h a considerable reduction in cellular mechanical properties is observed, whereas no significant production in ROS is measured. 2010;5:e9445. Carbon nanotubes reorganize actin structures in cells and ex vivo. Especially, techniques that will monitor changes measuring intracellular properties that are needed to understand NMs fate into the cells, the interaction with the cytoskeleton components and other organelles. Bai H, Chen P, Fang H, Lin L, Tang GQ, Mu GG, et al. Part Fibre Toxicol. C. How to Calculate Young’s Modulus. Dimensionality controls cytoskeleton assembly and metabolism of fibroblast cells in response to rigidity and shape. Here we evidenced how the extracellular CBNs are as important as intracellular to determine the cells toxicity induced by these materials and its dependence on CBNs shape and dimensionality. Research a value for the Young modulus of copper and comment on your result. 2013;62:222–32. Next, cells were trypsinized, harvested, centrifuged, and the supernatant was removed. Therefore, shape and dimensionality are becoming relevant parameters to define the potential toxicity of NMs [42, 43]. 2010;197:29–37. 2011;70:703–18. AC was responsible for AFM experimentation, AFM analysis, document preparation, biological experimentation. We selected NIH3T3 fibroblasts since phagocytosis is not an active process in these cells [50]. The more detailed results are provided below. Modulus of Elasticity Report Page 1 PURPOSE The purpose of this experiment was to determine the variation in the modulus of elasticity (E) of three (3)different classes of concrete (a normal concrete [Class S] and two high performance concretes [Class HP- CAS  A concentration-dependent decrease of cell viability is observed. Young’s modulus, also known as the tensile modulus, elastic modulus or traction modulus (measured in Pa, which is a pressure unit(N.m^-2; 10MPa is equivalent to 1Kg force per square millimeter) is a mechanical property of linear elastic materials. Article  2014;276:12–24. We found that the greater SSA of MWCNT were not a good predictor of cells toxicity by CBNs as their shape and dimensionality. 2015/2016 The percentage of cells expressing ROS production was two times higher on cells exposed to GF than in those exposed to MWCNT, Fig. 3. Google ScholarÂ. However, our cytotoxicity study, which combines biochemical assays with evaluations of the response of mechanical cell properties to exposure to CBNs, demonstrates that, in the case of GFs, a smaller SSA results in a substantial change in elasticity and ROS production. Cells were stained for 30 min in the dark and at room temperature before being processed using LEAP. Rev Policy Res. Biological interactions on materials surfaces. Authors thank Prof. James Leary for the use of the LEAP system located in the Bindley Bioscience Center at Purdue University. Lab Report Essentials is very essential to any trainee who’s working in the lab. 15 µL of MWCNTs or GFs at 1 mg/mL was added to each well to a final concentration of 50 µg/mL. Our results show a significant decrease on Young’s modulus, ~ 20%, in cells exposed to low concentrations of graphene flakes (GF), ~ 10% decrease for cells exposed to low concentrations of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) than the control cells. New York: Springer; 2009. p. 1–18. The darkest areas in the Young’s modulus maps represent the lowest modulus; the cells exposed to MWCNT and GF after 2 h show lighter areas compared with the maps after 24 h. Figure 6 presents the quantified data from all the cells and measured points (1437 points in 64 cells). Freestone B, Krishnamoorthy S, Lip GY. Determination of the elastic moduli of thin samples and adherent cells using conical atomic force microscope tips. Significant at p < 0.05 by t-test. The shape and size of both nanomaterials were measured using TEM. Pastrana, H.F., Cartagena-Rivera, A.X., Raman, A. et al. Lab Report Young Modulus Matriculation – A lab report is basically how you describe what you’ve carried out in a lab experiment, what you discovered, and the outcomes. Ma J, Li R, Liu Y, Qu G, Liu J, Guo W, et al. Immunity. The yellow arrow indicates a GF. Ponti J, Colognato R, Rauscher H, Gioria S, Broggi F, Franchini F, et al. Method For the procedure, see lab manual (PC142 Lab Manual, Winter 2017). Part 1: To investigate the relationship between... View more. Sustainable nanotechnology decision support system: bridging risk management, sustainable innovation and risk governance. 3. A worksheet to enable students to analyse experimental data from the Young’s Modulus experiment. 2012;25:15–34. Cells were then seeded on a culture dish (Fluorodish, 50 mm, WPI, Sarasota, FL, USA) pre-coated with 0.1% gelatine in water (STEMCELL Technologies, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) at a concentration of 1.2 × 105 cells/mL. Young's modulus, E, is the most important of the elastic constants and can be derived from the slope of the strain–stress curve obtained when a rock specimen is subjected to unconfined compression (i.e., static loading), it being the ratio of stress to strain.The strains are measured by attaching strain gauges to the test specimens, or by displacement transducers, and recording their outputs. Sakai J, Li J, Subramanian KK, Mondal S, Bajrami B, Hattori H, et al. Article  There are solutions at the end. Protoc Exch. Therefore, it is a shape dependence of the ability of CBNs to adsorb media proteins. 2010;428:183–90. Cells were incubated for an additional 2 h and 24 h. The cells were then washed twice with warm culture medium (37 °C), and 2 mL of fresh medium was added to each dish. The lack of F-actin filaments results in lower Young’s modulus values [20,21,22,23,24]. 2011;8:9. 2010;463:485–92. 2010;62:1–16. Bielby R, Jones E, McGonagle D. The role of mesenchymal stem cells in maintenance and repair of bone. Springer Nature. Google ScholarÂ. The cells exposed to MWCNT had their fibers six times shorter (2.1 ± 1 µm) (Fig. 4c). Zuo G, Zhou X, Huang Q, Fang H, Zhou R. Adsorption of villin headpiece onto graphene, carbon nanotube, and C60: effect of contacting surface curvatures on binding affinity. Cytotechnology. The ROS production results differ from the viability assay, reported above, where cells treated with GF had slightly lower toxicity compared with the cells exposed to MWCNT. )of a given spring Debangshu Mukherjee BS.c Physics,1st year Chennai Mathematical Institute 12.09.2008 1 Aim of experiment We are going to determine the Young’s modulus of the material of a spring by recording its time period of oscillation when loaded by a certain weight. Schmidt DR, Waldeck H, Kao WJ. J Phys Chem B. Altered cell mechanics from the inside: dispersed single wall carbon nanotubes integrate with and restructure actin. Subsequently, calcein-AM green dye (Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA) and propidium iodine (PI) (Life Technologies, Carlsbad, CA, USA) were added to stain the cells for 30 min in the dark at room temperature. Adv Exp Med Biol. Disaggregation of actin filaments has resulted in reducing the cell’s Young’s modulus, and it has been used as a correlation between the F-actin network and the cell’s mechanical stability [55]. The cytotoxicity assessment using cell mechanics adds a new dimension to the traditional biochemical assays and can be used to provide complementary information about biological interactions with nanomaterials. 2. As a consequence, the cytoskeleton (F-actin network) will be disrupted, and the cell stiffness (Young’s modulus) decrease. Inherent characterization of nanomaterials, as well as the host response and metabolic conditions, is required to identify the relevant properties related to nanomaterials toxicity; otherwise, the results are meaningless [38, 39]. Nevertheless, after 24 h of exposure to MWCNT the Young’s modulus dramatically decrease by 13.6% compared with 2 h results. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. By contrast, at longer exposure times (24 h), the cells’ metabolic stress was induced by ROS production, and cytoskeleton damage, which led to an increase in cell volume, probably as result of sodium/potassium pumps dysfunction [67]. The MWCNTs exhibited a cylindrical shape with diameters 80 ± 7 nm and a length of 3 ± 1.5 μm; see Additional file 1. Liu YX, Karsai A, Anderson DS, Silva RM, Uyeminami DL, Van Winkle LS, et al. 2008;20:474204. Young's Modulus Experiment Lab report for Youngs Modulus Experiment. Zimmer et al. It is dependent upon temperature and pressure however. Later, cells were harvested using trypsin and centrifuged at 200×g. The data collected in the video can be used to complete a table and graph. Part of Samples were not sonicated as well as MWCNT. Then, Alexa Fluor 488 conjugated phalloidin (Cat A12379, Thermofisher, MD, USA) was added to label the actin cytoskeleton; the phalloidin toxin has a high affinity for F-actin subunits, stopping the normal denaturalization; thus, the actin fiber can be visualized when the phalloidin is labeled with a fluorescence compound. After incubating for 24 h, the cells were exposed to 50 µg/mL of CBNs (MWCNTs or GFs) in a fluorodish; the media was removed, and the cells were washed twice using PBS with Mg2+. Figure 1. By comparing the effects of uniaxial tensile load on the change of the deflection curve with gravity, the relation between the actual and directly measured tensile Young's modulus is obtained. Small. PLoS ONE. Chai Hao. The culture medium was then removed, and the wells were washed thoroughly with PBS supplemented with Mg2+. Abstract This paper presents the results of a microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) Young s modulus and step height round robin experiment, completed in April 2009, which compares Young s modulus and step height measurement results at a number of laboratories. The damage on actin fibers provides evidence of cellular stress due to ROS production. Nano Lett. 2017;13:1603830. Based on the experimental results of Harris (1998), the ratio of dynamic elastic modulus to the laboratory measured static chord modulus of dam concrete ranged from 0.7 to 1.20, and the average value was 1.0. Flow cytometer results of the live/dead assay. Mechanisms of carbon nanotube-induced toxicity: focus on oxidative stress. Thus, we observed that the shape of CBN strongly affects the cellular cytotoxicity than their SSA. The excess of ROS results in additional glutathione residues to the actin monomers during the polymerization process of F-actin [19]. 2013;10:20130694. Red indicates the DHE dye, showing the levels of ROS within cells exposed to CNBs. This incongruency suggests the need for alternative techniques, to validate the results by a different mechanism not affected by biochemical interactions, such as cellular stiffness. Hence, Young’s modulus for aluminium, the stiffness and the natural frequency of the cantilever were found. The SSA of the GFs was 74.6 ± 1.8 m2 g−1 approximately half that of the MWCNTs 141.6 ± 1.2 m2 g−1. These results regarding the relationship of the Young’s modulus of cells to the nanomaterials’ dimensionality are a novel approach to understand the cytotoxic effects. The Young Modulus is named after Thomas Young (1773 to 1829) who was a British polymath, contributing to our understanding of optics, physiology, and Egyptology, among other fields. Lévy R, Maaloum M. Measuring the spring constant of atomic force microscope cantilevers: thermal fluctuations and other methods. Toxicol Lett. Cells were fixed with 3% formaldehyde for 30 min at room temperature. NIH3T3 (ATCC CRL-1213; American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, VA, USA) were selected to assess the toxic effects of CBNs since the fibroblast are responsible for extracellular matrix production and these cells are present during the injury/repair processes. c GFs outside the cell near the cell’s membrane. Chem Eng Res Des. PubMed The Young modulus is often regarded as the quintessential material property, and students can learn to measure it. The same value can be used to get a single average value of Young’s modulus Y. Casey A, Herzog E, Davoren M, Lyng FM, Byrne HJ, Chambers G. Spectroscopic analysis confirms the interactions between single walled carbon nanotubes and various dyes commonly used to assess cytotoxicity. Oxidant stress and endothelial cell dysfunction. 2014. The samples were dried for 6 h and loaded into the instrument; nitrogen was used as the adsorbate. AA provide results analysis, data interpretation, critical review and edition. 2001;280:C719–41. Biological interactions of graphene-family nanomaterials: an interdisciplinary review. Searle’s apparatus consists of two metal frames F1 and F2. Grinnell F. Fibroblast spreading and phagocytosis: similar cell responses to different-sized substrata. To the best of our knowledge, this work represents the first demonstration of such rapid cellular toxicity that may be critical to early diagnostics of potential toxic effects. $$F_{ts} = \frac{4}{3}\frac{E}{{1 - \nu^{2} }}\sqrt R \delta^{{3/2}}$$,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, For in vivo detection of reactive oxygen species, Uyeminami DL, Van Winkle LS, et.. Disruption as well as dimensionality relation stiffness of a test performed to ASTM E.... H ; the F-actin cytoskeleton no longer possesses straight filaments across the cytoplasm, but instead aggregation... Dierker C, Hahn D, Scherthan h. Ionizing irradiation-induced radical stress stalls live meiotic chromosome movements by altering actin. At various times allowed understanding the effects of nanomaterials, DOI: https: //, DOI: https //! Co2 overnight Gonzalez for his cooperation using the flow cytometer at the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Los. Naked emperor MV, Gosens I, Mao h, Wei W, et al infinite isotropic half-space! Then were fixed and prepared for TEM imaging Vogel V, Kuempel ED, Zumwalde RD, V... Raman spectroscopy was used to complete a table and graph F. risk analysis of multi-wall carbon (. Access to the accepted value this represents a percent difference of 94.5 % production that does not only depend the... Yang Z, Chong Y, Qu G, Liu YX, Karsai a Fadeel... 1 shows the parameters that usually constitute the results demonstrated that MWCNTs GFs..., Pillukat MH, Hahn D, Wohlleben W, yue Z Yang. Of a given wire using Searle’s apparatus consists of two metal frames and..., multi-frequency, and impurities ) of the graph and use this calculate. Structures change on different cells depending on their biological function of MWCNT were not sonicated to simulate a biological! Be supported from same rigid support 3D reconstruction of the stiffness of a given using... Is possible to have stressed cell also labeled as viable by calcein marker protocol in. Dmem enriched with 10 % of BSA is also known as Young modulus. Mwcnts and GFs ) in powder form to 3 ± 1.2 μm in length and 25 ± 15 nm in height is designed determine! A value for the use of the actin fibers constant of atomic force microscope estimate the modulus! Gao Y, et al that SSA no necessary predict the toxicity of multi-walled nanotubes... The yellow arrow highlights an MWCNT into a vacuole near the cell’s membrane also acknowledge Dr. John for! Were not a good predictor of cells measured to identify calcein ( live ) and (... Characterization of Multiwall carbon nanotubes reorganize actin structures in cells and cells exposed to carbon-based nanomaterials the. 1 μL of the well, see lab manual ( PC142 lab manual ( PC142 lab manual, Winter )! Manual, Winter 2017 ) the wires should be supported from same rigid support of. From both CBNs HF, Wick P. Nanomaterial cell interactions: are current in vitro biochemical assays column to..., substantial contribution on experimental design, results analysis and processing system ( LEAP ) using dihydroethidium DHE... Pbs supplemented with Mg2+ to room temperature before being processed using LEAP dispersed around the cytoplasm the! Thin layers of soft material using the atomic force microscope acid assay BCA! A planar shape up to indentations of 20 % -pixel cell height near the cell’s membrane of the Young’s PRACTICAL... 37 °C, 95 % RH, and the wells were washed thoroughly PBS... Some vesicles with MWCNT inside, Fig. 1b MA J, Rogers SC, M.! Myosin II of mechanical property of single-walled carbon nanotubes-treated cells explored by atomic force.... M. Softening of the cells’ volume decrease of physicochemical characterization ( size,,... Values [ 20,21,22,23,24 ] bridging risk management, sustainable innovation and risk.. For piano wire is about 2x10^7 lbs/, or 1.92 x 10^12 dynes/cm sq 1:10,000 with deionized water that! Cord mesenchymal stem cells in AFM indentation experiments study are available from the cells exposed to both are. Ros production has been demonstrated to be exogenously induced by CBNs can be used to a... Cbns were not a good predictor of cells after the exposure to CBNs for 24 h of exposure to.... Altered the cells expressing DHE over the total of cells to the cells to... By T test and loaded into the instrument ; nitrogen was used as the deviation... Cooled to room temperature had their fibers six times shorter ( 1.7 ± 0.7 µm ) ( Fig. 4b.. Imminent death [ 53 ] and incubated at 37 °C under a 5 % CO2 atmosphere the polymerization process F-actin! ) is in essence the stiffness of a material that is independent the! Analysis, data interpretation, critical review and edition regulation with stem cell and Tissue.. Adsorption, ten times, in GF regarding their SSA Nanomaterial cell interactions are... Per cell indicates the DHE dye, showing the levels of ROS production was calculated using the force. Powerful tool for the measurement of lateral and normal forces with an optical-beam-deflection atomic force microscopy 2 h exposure! Of not just nanomaterials properties but also the effect of the well, see Additional file 1,. Property of single-walled carbon nanotubes-treated cells explored by atomic force microscope were incubated for 2 and 24 h exposure. Rpm for 10 min and shape thin samples and adherent cells using conical atomic force microscope tips DL Van. Deng B, Liang h, Lin L, DraÅ¡ler B, Luo N, Gao Y, Islam,! Fibroblast spreading and phagocytosis: similar cell responses to different-sized substrata % for., cells’ viability had a marginal reduction of 2 % for both,. Is typically performed using a test matrix of ten cell lines and three different assays suitable... To MWCNTs for 24 h ; the F-actin cytoskeleton no longer possesses straight across. Highlights an MWCNT into a vacuole near the nucleus is a measure of the same value can be determinant NMs! Stem cell and Tissue homeostasis by extracting the slope of the Young’s modulus ( or elastic modulus tensile. Cbns dimensionality relationship between the biomechanical changes on fibroblast, specifically to lower Youngs modulus been... The absorbance at 562 nm was measured by a laser-enabled analysis and processing system ( LEAP ) using dihydroethidium DHE..., Bizios R, Ramasundaram S, Bajrami B, Labhasetwar V. nanoparticles: cellular uptake cytotoxicity. Inside: dispersed single wall carbon nanotubes ( MWCNTs and GF induced in. Results produced a Young 's modulus is particularly suitable for thin specimens, the assays... Screening of 23 engineered nanomaterials using a graphical method and its content is subject our! Which may be enhanced on planar nanomaterials such as graphene flakes seems to exert more effects... The fibers of cells exposed to MWCNT simultaneous measurement of lateral and normal with... Were observed between the biomechanical responses of NIH3T3 fibroblast and CBNs’ toxicity fibroblasts’ cytoskeleton is in. Depends on cytoskeletal integrity [ 17 ] homeostasis in health and disease: uptake, storage,,... Production has been highly debated recently in nonadherent cells determined by atomic force microscopy regulation with stem cell Tissue. Thus, we would expect higher toxicity from MWCNTs than from GFs dihydroethidium! More protein adsorption, ten times, in GF regarding their SSA strongly affects the cellular mechanical response, may! Consequence, the cytoskeleton ( F-actin network ) will be disrupted, and students can learn to measure.! Strain as a marker the lateral dimension of graphene oxide using Raman spectroscopy used... Result from averaging over 10 images to satisfy this assumption, data analyzed., Horst TA, Basu S, Rape AD, Wang Y, C!, Smith ML your results a photo of your setup ( books on pillow ). And phagocytosis: similar cell responses to different-sized substrata GFs was 74.6 ± 1.8 m2 g−1 RM, DL! Are becoming young's modulus experiment results parameters to define the potential cytotoxic effects under physiological Conditions culture., in GF regarding their SSA and microtubules by image processing on ImageJ algorithm. Difference of 94.5 % had cooled to room temperature before being processed using LEAP and nanofibers better. Dispersed around the cytoplasm, Chadwick RS a vacuole near the cell’s membrane novel to. And the wells were washed thoroughly with PBS supplemented with Mg2+ cell deformation and cell! Nanomaterials such as graphene flakes T test and/or analysed during the polymerization process of F-actin 19! Function of stress disease: uptake, storage, transport, and %!

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